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What are the Agency Fees?
The agency fees can be found in our Terms & Conditions that you will have signed. They represent the commission earned by OPM in finding your new tenant (let only) and managing your flat.

How are the Agency fees charged?
If OPM are not managing your flat (only find you a new tenant) then the whole fee is deducted from the first month’s rent that we collect on your behalf. If your flat is managed then the agency fee is deducted from the monthly rent which OPM collect on your behalf. However if the rent is not paid you will still be liable for the agency fees, which are then payable upon written demand.

How do I renew the current tenancy?
When the current tenancy has two months left to run OPM will contact you to ask if you are happy to offer the tenants a further tenancy on the same terms or different terms. We will then offer the tenants a new tenancy if you so instruct us to. If not we will serve them with a section 21 notice requiring possession at the expiry of the tenancy.

Can I get an annual rent increase?
Our standard tenancy does provide for a very small rental increase at the expiry of the tenancy. However if the market rents have increased dramatically you may wish to take the risk of obtaining possession of your flat and looking for new tenants at a new higher rent. Your current tenants may leave if you ask for too much of an increase.  You then risk having a void period if new tenants cannot be found.  We will advise you as to the level of rent that we feel is fair and achievable (based on our specific knowledge of the lettings market in our area) for your property, and the current demand for properties.

When do I get my rent payment in my account from my tenant via OPM?
OPM will transfer the rent (less our fees) to your bank account by BACS transfer within one week of receiving cleared funds from the tenant.

When can I get possession of my property on the current lease?
Our standard AST provides that you can regain possession any time after 6 months of the tenancy have elapsed provided that you serve the tenant with not less than 2 months’ written notice.  If your tenant breaches the lease in a serious way e.g. by substantial rent arrears or other serious breach, you may be able to apply to the Courts and obtain a possession order earlier. You will need to take independent legal advice in those circumstances.

How can I get possession of my property during the current lease?
You can regain possession any time after 6 months of the tenancy have elapsed provided that you serve the tenant with not less than 2 months’ written notice, known as a section 21 notice. If we manage your property then we will serve this notice on your behalf. If the notice expires and the tenants have not vacated the property then you will need to instruct independent solicitors to apply to the Courts for a possession order.

What can I do if my tenant’s rent payments become irregular or they do not pay the rent?

We will let you know as soon as your tenant fails to pay the rent on time. You may be able to claim the shortfall via the rental guarantee insurance cover if we manage your flat (see below) otherwise you will need to sue the tenant for the rents owed through the Courts.

How do I claim for lost rent on my Rent Guarantee Cover?
If we manage your property we will make the claim on your behalf.
What is covered in my Rent Guarantee Cover?

We use several different insurers so you will need to check the terms of your cover. However most of the policies will pay unpaid rents once rent for 2 months or more rent is owed, but the first months rent usually cannot be claimed as this is the excess. The insurer will usually also provide you with an appointed lawyer to help you chase the tenant or possession an/or to reclaim the excess(rent). We only take out rent guarantee cover for you when we manage your flat.

When must I submit the claim for loss of rent?
Please check your cover but the most common policy provides for a claim within 31 days once 1 month’s rent is owed.

Why do I need to do Property Inspections?
Property inspections can reveal a number of issues including too many people living at the property, unauthorised subletting of the property by the tenant, unauthorised use of the property, damage, unauthorised works or decorations…the list is long. The sooner that you know about these issues the sooner you can take the appropriate steps to protect your investment.

When should OPM do Property Inspections?
The management fee includes 4 property inspections per year: at check in, at month 4, at month 8 and at check out/expiry of the tenancy.

May I request additional Property Inspections?
Yes but these attract an additional fee.

Is Oxygen Property Management liable for my heating system maintenance?
No this is your responsibility. If you choose to take out the additional 24 hour call out service (fees apply) then our contractor will attend the property to fix the heating and invoice you for this service in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

What does my HIU Maintenance plan cover?
The 'Preventative Maintenance Plan for the Heat Interface Units' includes a periodic maintenance check, although Landlords are expected to pay for repairs. Some parts will be replaced for free during the cover period (see the policy for a full list) but the labour fee will not be covered by the policy.

Is Oxygen Property Management liable for the repair of my doors, white goods, windows, plumbing etc.?
No these are all your responsibility. If the tenant calls us under the maintenance plan where we manage your flat then we will invoice you for our contractor attending the property to fix these items.

What am I covered for under my Buildings Insurance?
The policy covers the usual risks (e.g. fire, burst water pipes) for the structure of the building only, and for cables/pipes used commonly by all tenants of the building.  Internal walls and pipes/cables benefitting one property only are not covered. Contents are not covered (including the cost of internal redecoration works or fitted kitchens/bathrooms etc) and so you are strongly advised to take out insurance cover for your fixtures fittings and white/other goods.

Should I take out Contents Insurance for my property?
Yes – see above.

How can I arrange for additional keys and entry fobs for my tenants?
Please order these from OPM. An additional charge applies. Please note that spare keys/fobs are not held on site for security reasons, but must be ordered in specifically on each occasion. Therefore there may be a delay for your new keys/fobs to arrive.

How can I arrange parking for my tenants?
Not all flats benefit from a parking space within their lease. If you do have the benefit of a parking space and have transferred this benefit to your tenant then please advise the tenant to contact us at OPM to obtain a parking permit. They will need to show your written permission to use the parking space.  A fob can be ordered if required (see above). If you do not have parking and your tenant would like this please ask them to enquire with us if there are any spaces available to hire. An additional letting fee (payable by the tenant) will apply. Parking is subject to availability.

Why do I need an Inventory in place?
An inventory is a detailed list with photographs showing the state and condition of the property and it’s contents at the outset of the tenancy. The tenant will sign the inventory to confirm they agree with it. This is the best evidence for proving that damage was caused at the end of the tenancy, allowing a deduction for that damage from the tenant’s deposit. This is included within the management fee, or can be purchased separately for non-managed flats.

How do I claim the cost of damage from the DPS at the end of the tenancy?
If we manage your property both during and after the tenancy we will make the claim for deductions for damage on your behalf and liaise with the DPS for you. The DPS will only pay for damage up to the value of the tenant’s security deposit. The DPS will contact the tenant and ask them to agree your deductions. If the tenant does not agree then the DPS dispute resolution team will intervene until an agreement is reached between the parties. If we do not manage your property you will need to make and process the claim for deductions yourself.

Why do I need to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?
This is a legal requirement that all Landlords should ensure that their property is safe and has a current risk assessment. The risk assessment should be reviewed at least annually.  Landlords should remove any potentially dangerous appliances (such as oil fired heaters) and flammable furnishings and fit smoke alarms at the property. OPM will test the smoke alarms at each property inspection and inform you to replace the batteries where necessary. It is also good practice for Landlords to provide a fire blanket in the kitchen, but not fire extinguishers as new guide lines provide that these should only be used by trained persons.

Why do I need to comply with Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994?
The law requires that Landlords ensure that electrical equipment provided to tenants is safe at the start of the tenancy and maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.  Good evidence of this is to have portable appliances PAT tested by a competent electrician annually. OPM can arrange this for you (fees apply). Whilst there is no statutory requirement at present to have an annual electrical safety check, best practice would advise this as Landlords can be liable for faulty electrical items and wiring.

Why do I need a Gas Safety Certificate for my property?
The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 provide that every Landlord must repair and maintain gas pipes and appliances, ensure an annual safety check on each appliance and keep records of those checks. The check can only be undertaken by a competent engineer with a current Gas Safety registration card issued by the HSE. Failure to hold a current gas safety certificate is a criminal offence liable to a custodial sentence or a fine.

Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?
Article 7 of the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings provides that any building which is sold, rented out or constructed must have an EPC. This must be issued by a qualified and accredited assessor in an independent manner. This part of the Directive has been incorporated into law in England and Wales by the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (2007/991) and came into force on 1st October 2008. Once issued an EPC is valid for ten years. OPM can arrange for an EPC to be undertaken for your property (fees apply). Landlords who let property without an EPC are open to a fine.

Do I get an Annual Statement of Accounts?
These are not issued as standard but are available upon request where OPM manage your property.

How does the Non-Residential Landlord Scheme work for overseas landlords tax?
Unless overseas Landlords have an exemption certificate you will be liable to pay 20% tax on the rents collected. OPM will collect the 20% tax from your rent and pay it to HMRC on your behalf. A fee applies for this service.
Long Leaseholder Questions

How much is my Ground Rent and when is it payable?
The ground rent is usually nominal – up to a few hundred pounds per year – payable usually annually or half yearly. You should check the terms of your lease for the exact ground rent and payment dates.

How much is the Service Charge and when is it payable?
The service charge will vary from year to year depending on the cost and level of repairs and services provided by your Landlord. Service charge is usually payable quarterly in advance but you need to check the terms of your lease to find your exact payment dates.

How can I get a copy of my lease?
Your solicitor should have given you a copy when you purchased your flat. Otherwise you can order a copy from the Land Registry online at http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/ The cost will be £12 if the Land Registry hold an electronic copy of your lease or £24 if they have to send it by post.

How can I get a copy of my lease?
Your solicitor should have given you a copy when you purchased your flat. Otherwise you can order a copy from the Land Registry online at http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/ The cost will be £12 if the Land Registry hold an electronic copy of your lease or £24 if they have to send it by post.

How is the Service Charge calculated?
The lease will set out the proportion of the expenses incurred by the landlord that every tenant should pay. There might be a fixed percentage, or just the liability to pay a reasonable proportion. The costs and expenses that Landlords can claim through the service charge will also be set out in the Lease.

Do I need a property license?
Under the Housing Act 2004 all landlords and property managing agents in Newham who let certain houses in multiple occupation or a property within Selected Areas within Newham need to apply for a license. We are able to apply for this license on your behalf at an additional charge. More information is available on the Newham council website.