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When are the Agent fees payable?
The agent’s fees become due and payable upon exchange contracts, but the fees are usually paid from the sale proceeds by your solicitor.

What is the difference between Sole Agency and Multi Agency?
If OPM are your sole agent then we are the only agency who can advertise your property and market the same as for sale. To reflect the reduction in competition the agency fees are lower for sole agency status. With multi agency you can instruct as many agents as you like at the same time to find a buyer and market your property, but the fees for this are higher as there is a greater risk to agents of not securing the sale.

How long will it take to sell my property?
This is a difficult question as timing is dependent on so many external factors including:

  • How many people buying/selling are in the chain
  • How quickly both solicitors deal with the paperwork
  • Whether there are any problems discovered with the title that require rectification
  • Whether the buyer has their funding arrangements in place and how quickly funds can be released

As a general guide 12 weeks is about average but sales can take much longer or much less time. It has been known for sales to complete in less than a week in special cases.

If my property does not sell do I still have to pay the Estate Agent?
The agency fees are payable once you exchange contracts, whether or not the sale completes.

Can I pull out of the sale if my circumstances change?
You can withdraw before exchange of contracts without liability. However if you withdraw after exchange of contracts you will be liable to refund the buyer’s deposit and pay their legal fees and compensation.

What can I do to increase the value of my property?
A property which is in disrepair or in need of modernisation will not command the same price or interest as that of a clean, well presented property. The presentation of your property is critical to a successful sale.It is well worth spending a small amount of time, energy and money on "fixing" those odd jobs to make sure that you stand a better chance of achieving the best possible price.

What should I do in preparation for a viewing?
To make a good first impression the property should be clean and tidy and free of clutter. If possible open the windows to circulate fresh air too. 
Property on the market?
Where any property is owned jointly by more than one person all of the land owners must consent to the sale and instruct solicitors and sign the sale papers. If not everyone agrees you will need to obtain an Order for Sale from Court to dispense with the consent of the objecting parties. Do note that the Court is generally reluctant to grant an Order for Sale, and more so where the property is used as a principal residence (home) for vulnerable people (children, the elderly and the disabled). If this is a concern for you do seek independent legal advice.

What legal requirements and documentation do I need to sell my property?
You will need to prove your ID to us and to your solicitor with a copy of your passport or photocard driving licence and proof of address (recent utility bill or bank statement). Your solicitor should be able to buy in copies of most documents that you cannot produce, although this will be an additional expense for you. This includes things like copies of your legal title, service charge information, warranties etc.

Should I be present during the viewing?
This is entirely your choice. OPM are happy to conduct viewings whilst you are out if you deposit with us a set of keys, and often buyers feel more relaxed if the property owner is not present.

What fixtures and fittings must I leave in the property and include in the sale?
Items that are fixed must remain for the buyer; for example fitted units/cupboards, garden plants. Items that are not fixed you may choose to take with you or leave; for example curtains, lamp shades, rugs. Your solicitor will send you a list of items in your home for you to complete and sign and that will commit you to which items you will take or leave. Once that form is signed you should inform your solicitor if you would like to change your mind as it may have an impact on the sale price, or the buyer’s interest to proceed.

When I get an offer should I take my property off the market?
This is up to you but as standard a buyer will expect you to cease marketing once an offer is accepted.

When should I instruct a solicitor?
You should instruct a solicitor when you start to market your property for sale. This will avoid delays when a buyer is found.

How do I know when the sale is completed?
Your solicitor will tell you, but you will know the completion date from exchange of contracts.

What do I have to do when I have completed?
You should deliver all sets of keys to OPM to give to the buyer, and ensure that instruction manuals and other original warranties/paperwork are left in a prominent place in the property for the buyer to find upon arrival. You are required to give vacant completion, which means removing all of your belongings and furniture (save for fixtures & fittings) and leave the property clean and free of any rubbish.