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How much is the OPM administration fee and what does this cover?
OPM charge a fixed fee, currently £320 (inc VAT) per tenancy. This covers negotiation with the Landlord and Tenant, viewings, preparation of the AST and completing the reference checking forms. This fee will be refundable if the Landlord withdraws, even if you as Tenant fail the reference checks. However, it is not refundable if you as Tenant withdraw for any reason.

Note the fees stated here are subject to increase without notification and are correct at the time of publishing only.

What documents do I need to provide?
You will be asked for basic information like your name, address and date of birth. You might also be asked for proof of University education, proof of employment or job contract. Also everyone must provide 3 months bank statements, 3 months’ payslips, proof of address (utility bill or formal correspondence under 3 months old), ID (passport or full driving licence with photo-card) and visa if you are not a UK national.

How much does referencing cost?
The current price is £110 (inc VAT) for every occupier of the flat (aged 18 or over) regardless of whether or not they will be a named tenant on the tenancy document.

Note the fees stated here are subject to increase without notification and are correct at the time of publishing only.

What happens if I fail the reference check?
If you can provide us with a suitable guarantor then the letting may still be able to proceed. A Guarantor is someone who does pass the reference check and who agrees to meet all of the liabilities under the tenancy if you as tenant default. They will also sign the tenancy document. Without a guarantor we cannot proceed with the letting. The fees for all reference checks are non refundable.

Who do I (as the tenant) pay my utility bills to?
Cold water and heating pay to OPM. All other bills (e.g. electricity, Council tax, telephone) pay to the external provider.

Are there extra car parking spaces to rent?
Please enquire with OPM staff. A fee will be payable directly to OPM if a space is available.

Why was I clamped in the car parking area?
All cars must be registered with OPM and clearly display a valid permit in the windscreen. This is an obligation of you as tenant. Cars must also be parked in the appropriate coloured zone of the car park. Failure to do any of these things will result in clamping. The clamping service is outsourced and OPM staff cannot assist you once you have been clamped.

Who do I contact for problems in my flat?
If OPM manage your flat please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Lettings Office will be unable to assist you. There is no telephone number so that all requests are logged by email. If OPM do not manage your flat then please contact your Landlord.

When can I break my tenancy and leave?
This will depend on the terms of your tenancy. Our standard AST is usually for a fixed term of either 6 or 12 months. Unless you renew your tenancy the presumption is that you will leave at the end of that period. However, out 12 months AST's have a rolling break clause. This means that either party may give the other party 2 months notice to end the tenancy early, but not until 6 months have passed. This means that your Landlord could ask you to leave after 6 months, but you will be given 2 months notice.

Am I liable for the TV licence as tenant?
Yes you are. Further you are liable to prosecution if you have a TV without a licence.

How does the Holding deposit work? How much is it? Is it refundable?
The Holding Deposit is equivalent to one week’s rent.  This confirms your interest in the flat, and allows OPM to put your rental proposal to the Landlord. If the Landlord rejects your rental offer this sum will be refunded to you. However, if you as Tenant withdraw for any reason it will not be refunded. If the tenancy completes then you will be given credit of this sum against the first month’s rent due.

Can I change the telephone number or supplier?
Yes but please advise OPM of the new details.

Can I attach an extra TV aerial/satellite dish?  
No this is prohibited and will be a breach of your tenancy agreement, which may allow the Landlord to break your tenancy early and regain possession. You may also be liable for damages.

Can I change the utility suppliers?
Yes but please advise OPM of the new details. You are required to cancel any contracts with suppliers at the termination or earlier determination of the tenancy.

What animals/pets am I aloud to have in my flat?
Cats and dogs are prohibited. You may have another pet providing that it does not disturb the neighbours but you require the landlords consent in advance. If it subsequently transpires that your pet is disturbing neighbours, and we receive complaints, then your pet will have to go, even if you obtained consent in advance.

Could I rent my neighbours/friends parking space in the oxygen?  
This would be a private arrangement between you and your friend/neighbour and not something OPM can help you with.

Is there any visitors parking?
 There is no allocated visitors parking. Visitors can pay for parking in the NCP car park (see below).
Where can visitors park?
Visitors can pay for parking in the NCP car park next to the Excel centre, or at the pay and display car park outside the Leapfrog Nursery along Western Gateway.

Can I park outside the office?
 No it is a loading bay where parking for loading and unloading for up to 20 minutes only is permitted. The wardens will issue a parking ticket if your car is parked and not loading. Please check the road signs for further details.

Are my belonging insured on the Landlords insurance?
No. You are strongly advised to take out contents insurance for your possessions.

How long can a visitor stay in my flat?
The maximum is 3 weeks in every 3 month period. A breach of this term of your tenancy may enable your Landlord to regain possession early.

Who is liable for wear and tear?
The Landlord is responsible for fair wear and tear. This means wear that occurs due to ordinary use. However damage not caused by ordinary use should be paid for by the tenant or deducted from their security deposit.

Who is liable for the damage in my flat?
As a general rule you as tenant will be responsible for damage. Some damage may be covered by insurance e.g. if there is a fire.

What happens if I miss my check in time?
You will be liable to pay a cancelation fee (currently £84 inc VAT) and we will re-organise a new check in time with you.

Note the fees stated here are subject to increase without notification and are correct at the time of publishing only.

What do I do if I am going away for more than 28 days?
Please notify OPM or the Landlord. You may be liable for the costs of security during that period.

How do I renew my tenancy?
If the Landlord is willing to grant you a new tenancy upon the expiry of your current tenancy then we will write to you and offer you that renewal 2 months before your tenancy expires. It is usual for there to be a rent increase upon renewal, and there is a £50 plus VAT admin fee for preparation of the new tenancy document. Please note that you do not have an automatic right to renew even if you have been an exemplary tenant.

Note the fees stated here are subject to increase without notification and are correct at the time of publishing only.

Can I change the locks?
Thisrequires the Landlord’s consent in advance, and you are required to provide the Landlord will 2 sets of keys free of charge. The cost of replacement locks is also down to you as tenant. If you need to change the locks as an emergency (because you are locked out after hours) you may do so providing that you hand over the copy keys within 24 hours.

Do I pay for the ground rent/service charge/ upkeep of the building?
No this is the Landlord’s responsibility.

How do viewings and property inspections work?
You will be sent a letter or email giving you 24 hours notice. Our staff will knock when they arrive at the property. If you do not let them in they will enter with the spare keys. For a viewing they will be accompanied by potential new tenants or buyers. For a property inspection staff will look at the condition of the property and take meter readings.

How and when do I get my deposit back once I have left the property?
If OPM manage your flat then we will have agreed the condition of the flat with you at your Check Out appointment. You will be notified of the deductions from your deposit (e.g. to pay for damage, cleaning, unpaid rent or bills etc). If this is agreed we will notify the DPS of the agreed deductions and the DPS will contact you as tenant and you must confirm with them that the deductions are agreed. Once this has been done the DPS will refund monies due to you within 10 days. If there is a dispute between the parties as to deductions then the matter will be resolved by the DPS mediation scheme, but this can take some months to resolve. If OPM do not manage your flat you will need to apply directly to the Landlord.

Can you tell me my Landlord’s address and phone number?
No, if OPM manage your flat then this is confidential information. All enquiries regarding your tenancy should be sent to OPM.

Why have you sent me a Section 21 notice?
This is a legal notice giving you 2 months notice to vacate the flat. You should obtain independent legal advice as to your options.

Please note that these questions and replies are correct at the time of publishing but are liable to change and be updated in the future. Please check with OPM staff that prices quoted are still current.