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About Oxygen Property Maintenance...

Oxygen Property Maintenance (OPM) is a maintenance company offering reactive, planned and preventative maintenance services for commercial, residential and apartment blocks across East and Central London.

We maintain an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties using sophisticated systems which help us deliver outstanding services to our clients. Thanks to the long standing relationships we have developed over the years with our Blue Chip Clients, today we are an established point of call for all commercial and residential needs.

We offer the following services:


So why should you Choose us?...

Because our Maintenance services are designed to make your life as a Landlord easy and hassle free.

With over 350 properties under our Maintenance care, you can rest assured that our services will cater to all your needs. We operate in London and have developed a strong portfolio of long serving contracts over the years including block management, high end residential dwellings, large and small scale property portfolios as well as one off jobs as and when needed. There are no additional costs to utilise our service, you only pay for the work that needs to get done.

So why should you choose us?

No Membership Fees

We will not charge you to utilise our reporting systems. You simply pay for the services you require.

In House Maintenance Team

Our Team is based in-house and has collectively served the company for over 10 years.

24 Hr Emergency Support

A system which responds to any emergencies that may occur out of our office hours, 365 days a year!

Secure Key Holding

We offer a free secure keyholding service. If there is an emergency and you are not around, the process is hassle free as we step in and take control of the situation for you!

Direct Response.png

Direct Response

You will receive a direct response to all your reported service needs, any time of the day.

Works Guaranteed & Insured.png

Works Guaranteed & Insured

All of our services are works guaranteed meaning you can rest assured that we will deliver the service to a high standard.



Online repair reporting system. Tenants/Landlords can report issues in 25 languages. Log-in at any time and keep track of your history and check the progress of live jobs.

Positive Reviews.png

Positive Reviews

We have over 300 positive reviews to date, so don’t take our word for it, view them on our website.

Comprehensive Inventory Report.png

Comprehensive Inventory Report

We offer a detailed property TIM report as part of our services. This will secure the condition of your property before the start of tenancy, allowing you to ensure it is returned in a healthy state.


With us you simply pay for the service you need...

We like to keep our services as transparent as possible. To follow is an outline of some of the most common maintenance works required by our clients. We cover many more services, to view the full list or to enquire about a specific service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Reactive Service.png

Reactive Maintenance...

We will provide you and your tenant with a Reactive Maintenance Service, responding to all your maintenance needs including emergencies outside working hours, every day of the year. Once our offices are closed and an emergency occurs at your property, your call is automatically diverted to our 24hr response centre which will resolve the issue according to its level of emergency.

We outline below our charges for some of our most common Reactive Maintenance services. You may wish to request a full list by contacting us directly.

Oxygen Property Management are not currently a member of a client money protection scheme.

   OPM Charge including VAT
  1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed
Check Out £86.40 £108 £129.60
Check In £86.40 £108 £129.60
Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning £216 £252 £288
Carpet Cleaning £72 £129.60 survey 
Meter Readings £68.40 £69.12 £69.12
Interim Property Inspections £86.40 £103.20 £120.96
EPC £86.40 £86.40 £86.40
Inventory £136.80 £168 £192
Handy Man Call Out (Normal W/H) £60 £60 £60
Handy Man Call Out (Out of Hours) £174 £174 £174
Electrician Call Out (Normal W/H) £129.60 £129.60 £129.60
Electrician Call Out (Out of Hours ) £212.40 £212.40 £212.40
Plumber Call Out (Normal W/H) £129.60 £129.60 £129.60
Plumber Call Out (Out of Hours ) £212.40 £212.40 £212.40
Appliance Engineer Call Out £79.20 £90 £90
Waste Disposal Call Out £60 £60 £60
Pat Test £108 (up to 5 portable Appliances)
Planned Service.png

Planned Maintenance...

Planned Maintenance could make a significant difference to your income as a Landlord. Keeping a close eye on your property and planning works could save you time and money in the long run. This is where we step in. We can arrange a schedule of regular planned works to help keep your property in a healthy condition from one tenancy to another. Common works and costs are outlined below:

Oxygen Property Management are not currently a member of a client money protection scheme.

 OPM Charge including VAT
Carpet Cleaning (1 Bed) £72
Carpet Cleaning (2 Bed) £129.60
Carpet Cleaning (3 Bed) Survey
Full Gas Safety Check (Normal W/H) £79.20
Preventative Service.png

Preventative Maintenance...

Similarly to Planned works, Preventative Maintenance can contribute to a steadier income as a Landlord. Checking your property for general wear and tear and acting on it at first stage is what we specialise in. We outline below the cost of one of our stage costs.

Pre-Tenancy Maintenance, £288 including VAT

Oxygen Property Management are not currently a member of a client money protection scheme.

  • All internal doors will be inspected and checked and any adjustments made
  • All external sliding doors will be checked for correct operation and if any adjustments are required for line and levelling
  • Appliances will be run on cycle and noted for operation
  • Kitchen cupboard doors will be lined and levelled
  • All electrical sockets will be checked for operation (please note this will be carried by utilising a portable appliance, it does not fall under electrical cert, it is purely to ensure all is operational)
  • All accessible taps will be checked for good operation and cleaned out of any lime scale build up.
  • All lights will be checked and bulbs replaced if required (please note there will be an extra charge should a transformer be required)
  • Smoke alarms will be tested
  • Shower seals will be checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Extractor fans will be checked for good operation and cleared of any blockages (please note this will only be a visual check exclusive of electrical components)
  • Underfloor Heating will be tested (please note this will only be visual checks exclusive to internal components)
  • Please note, these costs do not include materials, except where mentioned. Following the inspection a report will be issued which will include any issues found with prices for the repair.

Register you details with us...

Choose us as your preferred maintenance company and we will become your one stop provider for all your property needs. Register with us and gain full access to our online portal (Fixflo) through which you and your tenants can report maintenance issues in 25 languages. You can also track progress and review your maintenance history. Leave your spare keys with us and utilise our Direct Response Service as well as our 24hr Emergency Support line which operates every day of the year. All of our services are “works guaranteed and insured” and delivered by our loyal in-house team.

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