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Real Estate Update 2017...

Using trusted external research in the likes of RICS, National Office for Statistics, ARLA as well as our own internal data, our team have collated a review of the real estate market giving you an insight of political and economic variables, performance statistics across the UK, London and Royal Victoria, as well as our predictions for 2018. 

Throughout 2017, the Real Estate industry begun going through a seismic change. A range of factors, both political and economic have played a significant role in shaping the market into what it is today. We have seen radically altered percentages in capital growth and rental yields across the UK. This shifting paradigm continues to persist as we look back on the struggles of the prime London property market and the thriving economy of cities in the North of England.

This document was created to share our knowledge with those who share the same passion and curiosity about the property market as we do.

Read or download our full report here:

Real Estate Update 2017

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